Humanist portrait of the world of Strippers, strip clubs and exotic dancers.  Only a dew collector copies left.

Hardcover: 130 pages
27 x 21 cm
Publisher: XYZ BOOKS
ISBN: 978-989-53182-0-9


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‘Moneygame’ explores the world of strip clubs. For four years (2016 – 2020) Elizabeth Waterman spent most of her Saturday nights in strip clubs, photographing and building a rapport with the dancers who make their livelihoods there capturing the girls climbing the pole, giving lap dances in the VIP section, putting on glittery outfits, and counting their dollars at the end of a long night. It is a considerable achievement that notwithstanding – in fact, despite the locations Elizabeth Waterman avoids sexualised clichés. Her images always capture individual women, who for whatever reason earn a living in the clubs whether it is for paying off student loans, earning money to raise their children, buy a home, or launch a business,