Cars and other Forms of Transport


Softcover – 48 pp
20 cm x 20 cm
Albumen Publishing
ISBN  978-1-9996697-9-9

Albumen Gallery is an online gallery highlighting work from emerging photographers as well as collectable photographs.


Berlin based photographer Niklas Soestmeyer is a street photographer – although not in the conventional sense of the genre. People – traditionally a defining aspect of the genre don’t feature much in his photos. Cars on the other hand do. Notwithstanding that , Soestmeyer’s photos are not devoid of human presence. People might not feature within the frame of the image, but their presence is – sometimes eerily – felt.

Alongside a striking cropping technique that often leaves the viewer wondering what part of the story takes place outside the frame, use of colour is a characteristic trademark of Soestmeyer’s photography. His rich and warm colours can be reminiscent of the Kodachrome colours we encounter in William Eggleston’s and Fred Herzog’s photos.