Berlin Nights


Atmospheric street photography of nocturnal Berlin

Softcover – 48 pp
20 cm x 20 cm
Albumen Publishing
ISBN 978-1-9162946-7-7

Albumen Gallery is an online gallery highlighting work from emerging photographers as well as collectable photographs.


Berlin based Niklas Soestmeyer is a street photographer – although not in the conventional sense of the genre. People – traditionally a defining aspect of the genre don’t feature very much in his photos. Notwithstanding that, the photos are not entirely devoid of human presence. People might not feature in the frame of the image, but their presence is – sometimes eerily – felt. Niklas Soestmeyer skillfully operates a colour palette that becomes a characeristic trademark of his photography. His rich and warm coloursĀ  – often used only sparingly – can be reminiscent of the Kodachrome colours we encounter in Fred Herzog’s photos.